How to convert ppt to pdf?

Converting a ppt to pdf is a basic need to everyone. Because when one has to submit a presentation into the document, the conversion of ppt to pdf is mandatory. In simpler terms, there should be a conversion of pptx to pdf.

ppt to pdf- the setup

Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used as ppt creation tool. The ready templates provide us a faster way to create attractive slides.

For ppt to pdf conversion, we need PowerPoint itself. Yes, it is possible to convert pptx to pdf in PowerPoint itself. So, the basic requirement is Microsoft PowerPoint.

ppt into pdf- the steps

After our basic setup, we are close to converting ppt into pdf.

Follow the steps carefully to convert a ppt file into pdf file.

  1. After completing your presentation and filling it with attractive animations you are ready to save from ppt to pdf.

  2. Move towards “file” menu, where all of the options related to files are gathered.

  3. Once you are inside file menu. You will see one more menu under the left side of the window.

  4. On that navigation, window goes into the “export” option. This is the option which we will convert ppt to pdf in just a click.

  5. Inside of export menu, head your mouse pointer towards “create pdf/xps document” and click on it.

  6. Once you click on that you are inside the “create a pdf/xps” document option.

  7. Just click over “create pdf/xps.” This is the option by which you can convert your pptx to pdf.

  8. convert ppt into pdf- last steps

  9. Save the file wherever you wanted to save it on your computer.

  10. Congratulations! You have converted ppt to pdf in the easiest manner.

pdf to ppt conversion- another method

Pdf to ppt conversion can be done through alternative method also This method will require the use of google slides.

  1. Head over to the google slides page.

  2. Click “File” menu and click “open”.

  3. Open your desired pdf file by browsing from your computer.

  4. Once selected the file, you want to convert to pdf- open the “file” menu again into google slides.

  5. Scroll a little bit down.

  6. You will see an option “download as” -select the option.

  7. A new navigation will open. Click on “.pdf” document.

  8. Save the file at your desired location again.

  9. Hence you completed pdf to ppt conversion.


In the end, conversion of ppt to pdf is not a hard task. We are free to perform it directly from PowerPoint. Otherwise, we have a universal tool to perform this from google slides. Both the methods are a free pdf to ppt converter. ppt to pdf is necessary when we have to show our presence in the form of a document for a keeping or just in the form of reading what is there into our slides. It is very useful for students because not even a single penny is wasted in doing this simple task of converting ppt to pdf.

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