Never Suffer From Tungsten Carbide Again

Tungsten carbide is popular as seal faces with resistant-wearing,high fractural energy,high thermalconductivity, little heat expansion is the best product to resist heat and break in all difficult face materials. Silicon Carbide Seal Rings have the home of excellent resistant-corrosion, high mechanical energy, high thermal conductivity, good self-lubrication used as seal faces, bearings and pipes in spacecraft, equipment, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, car industry etc. If the sic faces are coupled with graphite faces the friction is the smallest plus they can be changed to technical seals which are able to work with highest performing requirements.

1. A piston band having a bearing face coating composed of at least one carbide of a substance through the team comprising refractory metals and metalloids in solution with cobalt and alloyed in a matrix containing principally nickel and iron, said Vcarbide being free of razor-sharp edges and corners, stated alloy containing not more than about one % by fat aluminum to reduce scufng of motor cylinders involved by the coating, and stated alloy being bonded to your human body of the piston ring along a diffused program zone composed of materials associated with alloy together with body associated with the piston band.

Although fine ceramics have the aforesaid excellent characters, however, the susceptible low tenacity (brittle) always confuse the ceramic product users; to solve this vulnerability of ceramic materials, we have already made great endeavor to develop the high-tenacity precise ceramic materials. We just take help ultra-tech equipment the manufacturing of these carbide seals to be able to ensure their durability.

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a lightweight ceramic product with a high power properties comparable to diamond. Kinds include solitary steel & split elastomer bellows, single, dual & split -ring cartridge, elastomer -ring & bellows shaft, spring & PTFE wedge & shaft seals. TufCote – consists of cast tungsten carbide granules in a self fluxing nickel matrix that’s both abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Ceramic Seal Rings is the best seal face product for very corrosive chemical provide you with the tall Alumina ceramic materials. An alloy with a tungsten carbide content of 88 percent could not be completed on the standard grinding wheel. Our provided mechanical seals are demanded commonly for the advanced design which is best suited for pumps, mixer and agitator applications.

The planet leading Tungsten Carbide Manufacturer with additional than twenty years Specialized in technical seal rings , bush , nozzles, balls and seats, sleeves, bushings, chock bean, orifice-plate, lagging, tipping paper cutters etc. Products consist of carbide use parts, carbon-graphite technical parts, circulators, compressor parts, air conditioning tower components, replacement impellers, mixers, pump parts, shafts, silicon & tungsten carbide, washers & wastewater treatment equipment.

Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring is used as an essential part of oil pump and centrifugal pump. Precision-engineered ceramic components are utilized by design engineers in an array of expert applications from aerospace and semiconductor, electronics tungsten carbide seal faces, medical, automotive, thermal processing, industrial gear, defence and protection, energy generation and distribution and domestic items.

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